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Dec 12, 2012 7:00pm PST
downtown ferry terminal is for the north bound lanes such as value lay hough and gate e is for ala immediate a eoakland and island services blue and gold fleet does the operation and is the maintenance of all of these vessels and they will be describing that activity to you in a moment here . >> in addition, to that, we also have the ferry landing at china basin and on average that is home game ain ten dance is dwayned to and from the ballpark by ferries. and with that, we would like again to bring forth, carolyn or began, she is the president of blue and gold fleet and they will she'll be able to give us a better insight and explanation on how important the ferry and excursion services are to the port and bay of san francisco. >> commissioners and director moyer, good afternoon. thank you for giving me the at some point to give you a little i am insight to blue and gold fleet. i would like to start out with a brief history of blue and gold fleet. blue and gold has been a port tenants when the found ore deer recognized the opportunity that existed to operate excursions and c
Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
of the room. row czar row, maria or teeinga and fred narrow ran hough [spelling?]. >> i have i have been asked to speak on behalf of mission director of language of vocational school and i'm going to ask a big favor these two ladies here speak spanish and have been waiting all day and they had interpreters and they had brought some people from their community to talk about the probability and they would like it talk about it, they speak spanish my spanish is pretty decedent and i'm hoping that i can translate. >> >>> yes. >>. >> (spanish). >> okay shes here to support the probability on 14th and south vannest. the prompt is going to provide a sense of more security for them in the community show said that they like the fact because think walk in the community and they go to a store in the community a lot of these people don't have transportation and they like the fact that when they walk down that the dealership actually knows some of these people and watches out for them -- johnathan? >> i guess it's an employee his name is johnathan and they talk and johnathan had asked them t
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Dec 3, 2012 1:00pm EST
to find any bargains? jack hough says no. he tells us where the deals are. dennis: the looming fiscal cliff doesn't seem to stop americans from buying new cars. edmunds analyst jessica caldwell breaks down a surprising strong month for automakers but will it last? tracy: time to check stocks as we do every 15 minutes. we head down to the lauren simonetti on the floor of the new york stock exchange. they are slipping but just off the lows of the day. >> off the lows of the day. but the dow and s&p 500 giving up about a third of a percent each right now. the nasdaq is down three points. off the lows. the low for the dow this session is 12,969. we're a little above it but seems like the market wants to end the day in the red. we got conflicting data. construction spending was favorable in october. but manufacturing surprisingly contracted in november here in the u.s. so that is some we're getting. show you a big winner. that is dell, the third best performer out of the s&p 500 right now. goldman sachs upgrading the stock from a sell all the way to a buy and giving it a $13 price target f
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
a scholarship program with the help of the evelyn and walter hough junior fund. about00 students will receive a portion of the money. >> it's an investment in them, their futures and what they dillwill do for state and country, over time. >> another $300,000 was donated to help create dreamers resource center. here, undocumented students get services they need. >> and this tells students if you get into uc berkeley we're going to support you. >> the legislature passed a bill giving students access to state grants starting next fall. glenn co-authored proposition 209 ending affirmative action preferences in the public sector. >> the state of california turns around and says we're going to ignore the federal law. the federal government doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. >> some people feel if anyone didn't go through the proper ses they don't belong here. it's a political view. i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. in the current era with all of the challenges we have in california we cannot afford to waste this kind of talent. >> one undocumented student taking th
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Dec 5, 2012 12:00am EST
't come back and say yeah, we'll do it, what are you going to and hough time are you going to give him? >> well, we, it is not, we're not in the ultimatum business. we're in the recommendation business. and we ho that, that others will al encourage him to do the same thing. what we're looking for i discussion so that we can sequence these ings in order that achieves our goals at the least cost. melissa: okay. stuart, it's a good fight. let know what we can do to help. if you get aespo, please call us becse we want to know. >> very good. thank you very much, melissa. melissa: time now for today's fuel gaugereport. you feel like the governor is going toall right away, right? i do. no, i don't oil broke a tee-day winng streak. choppy day of trading due to concerns over the fiscal cliff. crude pulled back fr seion lows. $88.50 a barrel. >>> naral gas futures fell the fourth time in five sessions. forecasters say temperate weather is expected to continue for much of the country. whoo-h, lowering olook% for natural gasemand. >> lower compensation for ceo rex tillerson. his salary will rise
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Dec 10, 2012 10:00pm PST
for it in the houghs or i housee senate. democrats wouldn't even vote for it. he's doing everything to strongly walk us off the cliff, but act like he's working toward it. it's the problem, the frustration. this is our moment, this is our time to do it right, and he's just looking to raise taxes, which, one, won't solve the problem, put us further in the hole, but could cost us jobs, which every report says it would. >> many schools of thoughts, but the two main ones, republicans you need to figure out a way to work with president obama, get this done, american people want to get it done. they don't want to see their taxes raised. just work something out. another school of thought is stronger than i thought it would be, you know what, if they won't come to the table on spending cuts, let them fall off the cliff. i know you want to get a deal, but if it's not possible, will you let the president take america off the cliff? >> we want to solve the problem. the only people i hear publicly talking about taking us off the cliff unfortunately is the secretary of the treasury, or senator murray, said it on th
Dec 29, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> jimmy: you and your girlfriend julianne hough. >> before thanksgiving, we went to atlanta. very quiet and conservative. went to nashville, her sister's house, deck it out and do it all up and 17 kids and there is brothers and sisters and two bull mastiffs and five mirror ball trophies. it's completely different. a lot of movement and glitter. >> jimmy: some photographs you sent us. where are you here? >> well, i'm clearly trying to figure -- >> jimmy: that's julianne. >> that's her little niece. i was at the kids' table to entertain them before the meal started. >> jimmy: raiding the kitchen. >> my job is official taster. licking icing beforehand. >> jimmy: here you are. what's going on there? new one. >> that's my move. >> jimmy: is that the seacrest foot i've heard so much about? that's the one part of you cbs has to sign. [ laughter ] >> we decided it's a good idea to try and run a deficit of calories, burn before you ingest so many. so we decided to get on the bike. >> jimmy: you are unbelievable. never start working. thanksgiving you have to work your body. >> we shot that. air l
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
. we call that cyclical growth. hough do you spot a general u lar secular growth name? i like to look for bik picture themes. we have a company at play on a much broader trend. take the move toward healthy eating and embrace of organic foods. this has made whole foods into a powerhouse stock and destroyed the regular supermarkets and the same for bain slelial. however, we'll these stories can last for years, even secular growth stocks have a limited shelf life. these are fewer and fewer plays that can consistently make you money. last longer but never just last forever. years ago back when the smartphone was a relatively new invention, i started talking about the power of the mobile internet tsunami. for a while there was a ton of money to be made over the smartphone food chain. but it turned out to be not a license to buy even the sector's weakest players, which gradually fell by the wave side. the rising tied does not lift all ships. most of the time can you hang on for years and years but if you find a secular growth story, driven by the same theme pushing up a whole foods or apple
Dec 1, 2012 4:15pm EST
wobbly on the affordable care act and we want him to show how hough he's going to be. and a wall street -- a national review writer and editor, gave a speech at princeton, at a reunion, saying my sources at the supreme court say that roberts is moving to a pro affordable care act position, which is really quite extraordinary. and he was quite right. my information is that those leaks did come from clerks. perhaps to their -- the judges they had clerked for in the circuit courts and then into the media bloodstream. my position about all this is generally pro leak and pro disclosure. so what this happened? i don't see what harm was done it don't understand why that's process has to be so mystified and secret. obviously within some reason. but to me it was just illustrative of how passionately, particularly conservatives, felt about this case, but i don't think there was any particular harm from it. >> in 1987, a small working group of sandra day o'connor, byron white and bill brennan, drafted a law clerk code of conduct, which i think was slightly tweaked, and then in its final form was a
Dec 10, 2012 12:00am EST
they took away. from your perspective, hough does that teamwork really get enhanced moving forward and what starts it? who has to start it? >> guest: you know, it's one of those cultural traits that changed over time but we need it to change faster. sometimes i think of the hierarchy of met sane similar the hierarchy in military. we have rules and procedures, ways of doing things, unwritten standards we n never go above our superior's head for anything. you know, i think we can be more honest and open about the problems in health care, and we can redesign the way we talk in the operating room and the healthcare setting in the clinics and hospitals. when we developed the check lift for the operating room -- this is after peter worked in the icu and said we're going have to a daily goal sheet. and popularized -- led the world health organization group. we presented our experience the group and it became much big irthan we anticipated. the number one priority that we made in the chick list was making the first item going over the names and members of the team, going over their roles, and it's
FOX Business
Dec 31, 2012 1:00pm EST
: apple shares clawing back from the three-month slide. baron's jack hough says the stock has more upside ahead and he will explain why. lori: as we do every 15 minutes, let's head down to the floor. diane macedo covering all the action. diane, stocks climbing ever so slightly higher. all eyes must be on washington. are investors more encouraged we will get some kind of a deal, however you want to characterize it by midnight tonight? >> hi, lori, hi, ashley. doesn't seem like it if you look at market numbers. they're hiring when we started this morning but they're actually lower before the president started speaking today. the dow is up 45 points. nasdaq is up about 32, and s&p is up about nine. not a huge amount of optimism. still across the board green. we're keeping an eye on duff and phelps. this is a private equity firm, struck a deal to buy that company for $365 million that is 19% premium from the closing price on friday. duff is up almost 20% on the day. year-to-date up 8%. not a bad way to close out the year for duff and fellsps. back to you. lori: thank you. there is little opti
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
. it is almost beyond belief, is hough it not? so, for me, i just have to tell you, since i know all the decisions we have to make are not intellectually demanding, they just take political courage, i cannot agree to any process like it s learn -- we have hadwo dry runs. thcongre put the fiscal solvthat issue right now - at is whatneed to do count me out. >> mar do you want to take > you ise a great point. thiss whpeople's eyes say whatever you want t say, bhe notion, and this is margaret's approach a little bet -- i do think there will be a relationship between revenues and entitlements if we need to go bigger, we ed that the american people is going to buy into this notion of, ok, we will t thes taxes go up. then we go through this magical witching hour -- 90% disapproval goes up to 99% disapproval. that you have to get north of three -- you do this, you will get 500 in interest savings alone. they should not be as challenging as it is. one other thing -- the only thing i would disagree with bob a little, that is on the fact and continue to be a huge advocate of the tax reformit i
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)